Essential features of the best motorcycle jacket

Nobody wants a motorcycle jacket whereby when he puts it on and sits on the motorcycle, the arms stretches backward; and when he leans forward holding the handles the back of the jacket stretches upwards exposing your back. This is the reason why we have curvy armed jackets. We all know that motorcycle jackets are essential garments to a rider and are a must have.

I will highlight the essential features of the best motorcycle jacket so that you can gauge on your own and be able to make the right decision when purchasing one.

Crash protection materials

Padding is necessary on every motorcycle jacket. Whether it is a summer kind or a winter, a classic style or a cruising one, they all have to be padded on the elbows and the back for protection purposes. In case you have and accident and end up crushing, these pads are the one that is going to save you from bruises.



NHTSA recommends that you should ride a motorcycle wearing a jacket with a reflector. You know why? Because another motorist will be able to see you at night on the road. They reflective linings as well need to be positioned in places where they can be easily seen without any strain. Most of the motorcycle jacket companies prefer putting them at the back or the sleeves. Some jackets may lack reflector sleeves, and that could be dangerous. You should at least wear a reflector half coat on top of your jacket for safety.


Do not underrate the power of pockets in a motorcycle jacket. Inner pockets can be used to store your sunglasses or even a wallet. Ensure that the pockets have zippers that can be easily opened and closed. Having a jacket with vertical zipper makes you look way cooler and to add on that, if you happen to store your stuff inside those kinds of pockets, it will be hard for them to fall off as you ride your motorcycle. The slanted pockets can easily drop off your things.



The kind of material that was used to make a motorcycle jacket is important to consider. This ensures durability and also protection against bruises when you crash. Some are made of leather; others could be made of textile fiber. Textile fiber jackets are more comfortable to wear than the leather ones. They also offer more protections from bad weather and bruises than the leather jackets.


The above features are important to look at when you want the best motorcycle jacket. Having a good motorcycle jacket will ensure safe driving and insulation against accidents.